Welcome to Sanakirja.fi’s support page! Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, tips on how to use our service, updates on new content and language news from our team.

Common questions

If you have accessed MOT Kielipalvelu® with a passcode, we will send you a yearly verification email for security reasons to make sure that you still have access to your organizational or school email. The email is sent from info@sanakirja.fi and you can safely click the link in the email.

Have you checked your Junk mail, Promotions and Others tabs? Emails can sometimes end up there. If our email doesn’t come through, try requesting the link / instructions again. Sometimes there can be a small delay in our email delivery.

This text appears on the front page below the search bar when you have logged in and have access to a paid version of the service: “You have MOT Sanakirjat®/MOT Kielipalvelu®” . Also, in the top right hand corner next to the 👤 icon and below your user name you’ll see the text "Sanakirjat/Kielipalvelu".

MOT Kääntäjä® (Translator) and MOT Kielentarkistin® (Proofing) are features which belong to MOT Kielipalvelu®. If you have a user license for the service, log in or make sure you are in your organization’s network. If you don’t have a user license yet, get in touch with our sales team (sales@kielikone.fi).

In addition to MOT Sanakirjat®, MOT Kielipalvelu® contains a wide selection of dictionaries by top Finnish and international publishers (for example Oxford University Press, Nationalencyclopedin, Duden, Le Robert, and Finnish Standards Association SFS) and a fine selection of the best dictionaries for Finnish. The service also includes MOT Kääntäjä® (data secure machine translation) and MOT Kielentarkistin® (useful proofreading and spellchecking).

If you haven’t logged in to the service, Sanakirja.fi detects your browser language and chooses the user interface language based on that. You can always change the language from the service’s footer and when you’re logged in, the service remembers the user interface language you chose.

Notice board

Dictionary updates 2023

7 September: we added two new dictionaries to MOT Kielipalvelu®: MOT NE:s Svenskt språkbruk and MOT Electropedia.

24 August: we introduced a new dictionary of the Finnish language to MOT Kielipalvelu®. MOT Finnish contains a considerable number of foreign loan words, colloquialisms, phrases, idioms, and proverbs. In addition, MOT Swedish Dictionary of Technology and Commerce got a small update of 225 non-discrimination related words.

20 June: 1145 new synonyms were added to MOT Finnish Synonyms and MOT English, MOT German and MOT French got small updates.


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